What is Everyone’s Starting Credit Score?

Have you ever thought about what everyone’s starting credit score was before they even started building credit? Unfortunately, I made a mistake at one of my first banks which negatively affected my credit so when I finally checked my score, it was low. I always thought about what my score was or could have been at the beginning? Does everyone start with 0? Do they give you a few points in good...

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What Happens When You Get Audited By the IRS?

Tax season is here and some people either love this time of year or hate it. Each year taxes get slightly more complicated for me since I’m not self-employed and recently got married. When changes are made to your income, marital status, or assets, it’s likely that it can affect your taxes. Getting married, changing careers, and buying a house are all reasons to go over your taxes closely...

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How Young Should you Start Saving for Retirement?

The more time that your money spends in a retirement account, the more time that it has to compound. This may result in a larger account balance despite only modest contributions during your lifetime. If you are curious as to when you start investing, the answer is that it is never too early to start contributing to an IRA or 401k. Start Developing Good Fiscal Habits at a Young Age The habits that...

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Blue Apron Family Plan Review: Healthy Meals For Your Loved Ones

When I tried Blue Apron I found the helping had I needed in the kitchen. I recently used the service and have a lot to say about its features, the food, and the pros and cons overall. If you’ve heard of Blue Apron and have been considering it, or love the idea of being able to have fresh food and recipes delivered straight to your doorstep, you’ll want to check out this detailed Blue Apron...

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