How Loyal Are Millennials to Their Chosen Brands and Products?

Individuals who fall into the category of millennials are those born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Today, the oldest of millennials are knocking on the door of 40 years of age and have been around long enough to develop patterns of behavior in areas such as loyalty to brands and products. Brand and/or product loyalty is an important topic of study to both the consumer and the retailer. Take for...

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Cheap TV Services: Best Alternatives to Cable

TV programming has programming has been around for entertainment for decades. Nowadays, there are so many interesting and addicting shows, that it can seem difficult to give up your cable subscription. Some of those great shows can be found watched on prime time networks, like CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox– which can usually be accessed for free on your television. However thanks to the new digital...

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3 Simple Steps To Become A Millionaire

What is it about becoming a millionaire that makes us strive for that amount of wealth? Is it the way millionaires are portrayed on television that makes us think that once we achieve that level of wealth we are set? We can buy a jet, a mansion, a boat, etc. and spend our money frivolously? Judging by what we see on reality television, this is how millionaires live. In reality though, most millionaires...

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What is Everyone’s Starting Credit Score?

Have you ever thought about what everyone’s starting credit score was before they even started building credit? Unfortunately, I made a mistake at one of my first banks which negatively affected my credit so when I finally checked my score, it was low. I always thought about what my score was or could have been at the beginning? Does everyone start with 0? Do they give you a few points in good...

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