How to Make Valentine’s Day More Affordable

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and merchants are gearing up to capitalize on the popular holiday for couples. Valentine’s Day is not a cheap holiday, especially if you’re in a relationship. Americans spend an average of $17.6 billion on the holiday and men tend to spend the most money. Go figure. With the average person spending $168.74 to celebrate Valentine’s Day – whether...

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5 Financial Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

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Marriage is a big step and can shift the entire financial aspect of your life. After you get engaged or once your relationship gets serious are both the best times to discuss your finances with your partner. In between planning your life together, it’s important to discuss the not-so-fun or interesting aspects of your life and how you will make joint financial decisions in the future. Here are 5...

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Fun and Frugal Holiday Traditions to Enjoy as a Family

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I know it’s been said many times that the holidays are not just about gifts and money. There are so many other things to enjoy and family traditions is one of them. It’s great to manage your money properly, find deals and save this holiday season, but if you focus only on the financial side of things, you probably won’t get much out enjoyment out of this time of year. Here are a few holiday traditions...

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How to Give Thanks to Someone

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Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers! The meaning behind Thanksgiving is something everyone should acknowledge whether you celebrate the holiday or not. It’s a great time to meet up with loved ones, eat together and share everything that you are thankful for in life. Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to show gratitude for the little things in life and appreciate what we have. If there’s...

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