Five Things You Should Always Put on Your Credit Card

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Credit cards often get a bad rap. The temptation that comes with the ability to “buy now, pay later” is a major reason many people have financial problems. Unmanageable debt, maxed out cards, and the low credit scores that come as a result of irresponsible credit use can result in major financial (and emotional!) problems. The┬átruth is, however, that it’s just plain smart to put...

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5 Ways You’re at Risk for Identity Theft

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It’s the fastest-growing crime in America, and every minute, 19 people fall prey to it. What is it? Identity theft. In addition to the personal violation you feel, identity theft is costly and time-consuming to reverse. It’s fairly easy to prevent identity theft just by changing some of the habits you may not know are putting you at risk. Here are five ways you may be putting yourself...

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Paying Emergency Medical Bills for Your Pet

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Last summer, my husband and I were hit with a large and unexpected expense that couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I had just quit my full-time job for self-employment and we were living on a pretty tight budget. So when our cat had a life-threatening accident we were unsure of how we would cover the expense. Since our cat is an important member of our family, we knew that we’d have...

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Seven Apps That Will Help You Take Control of Your Personal Finances

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These days there is an app for everything. There are apps to help you keep fit, there are apps that teach you how to read music, there are apps that teach you to drive; if you can think it, there is a good chance there is an app for it! Some of the best and most popular apps, however, show you how to save money, particularly when it comes to areas such as home loans, life insurance and running a car....

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