How to Set Goals for 2015 When Your Past Resolutions Failed

How to Set 2015 Goals
It’s that time of year again. One holiday down and the other’s are quickly approaching. We’re spending more money than usual on gifts, decor, and entertaining. Our clothes are slowly getting tighter from holiday party food binges. And the closing of another year inspires us to make resolutions. In the back of our minds we’re vowing to take control of our finances, weight, or...

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Mistakes that Caused My First Side Hustle to Flop

side hustle mistakes
I’ll be the first one to admit I failed at my first side hustle big time. Thankfully I identified my errors before too much of my time was wasted. Here’s some back story. Dog walking was my first go around as a side hustling queen. Before this first side job my main source of income since 16 years old had been punching some sort of clock. I searched for a side hustle that was low pressure...

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Four Retirement Planning Tips for Nurses

The healthcare career landscape is evolving, and that includes the nursing profession. Demand for nurses is strong and possibly growing, especially for experienced professionals. As you think about your retirement prospects in the coming years, here are four things to keep in mind. 1. Further Your Training If you haven’t done it already, one key step to taking your nursing career to the next...

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Three Signs You Should Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

I used to belong to the school of thought that believed personal assistants were only hired by rich business people. Mainly because I figured they were the only type of person who could afford to pay a full-time assistant’s salary. My perspective started to change when I discovered virtual assistants and how cheap hiring one can be. A virtual assistant can cost just $4 per hour. The idea that...

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