Financial Habits For The Young and Wise

It can be hard to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” if you’re young and broke. A Pew Research study found that an unprecedented percentage of young people are still living with their parents as a result of a rough economic situation and student loan payments. However, it’s not impossible to get out of this situation, if you follow the right steps. We present you with...

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Buying Your First Home The Right Way

Buying a house – especially the first time is one of the most daunting, complex, and often frustrating experience for anyone. The first homebuyer can feel completely at sea when faced with their first purchase. If you’re looking to finally get your first home, you may be feeling like you’re about to take a plunge into the unknown. The idea of real estate agents, lenders, vendors, and solicitors...

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How to Utilize Your Surplus Income Effectively

The percentage of people dependent on employment salary who record surplus income every month on a regular basis is very low among the middle and low income earners. Most of the people within these two income brackets live from one pay check to the next. However, for those who take personal financial planning seriously by creating budgets, cutting down on unnecessary costs and increasing their income...

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Buy Vs. Lease: Understanding the Tax Advantages of Getting a Company Vehicle

Some businesses require a heavy duty vehicle. But buying a big truck is a major financial decision, and once you have decided you need one, another big question arises: should you purchase it outright or enter into a leasing agreement? Buying—Pros & Cons If you buy your vehicle, then it will appear on your balance sheet as an asset. If you take out a loan, it will also appear on the balance sheet,...

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